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Diploma Seals

The Arizona State Board of Education has approved the following seals for art, social studies, and world languages.

These seals recognize high school students who achieve proficiency in related coursework and complete additional examinations along with extracurricular tasks. Students are recognized with a seal on their diploma and a notation on their transcripts.

Diploma Seals Information & Process for Students

Students: Are you interested in earning a diploma seal upon graduation? Are you passionate about civics, personal finance, the arts or world languages? Review the diploma seal overview to help you learn about the requirements to earn a diploma seal, and when you are ready - go ahead and submit your application! You can apply for as many seals as you feel you meet the requirements.

Note: The Seal of Arts Proficiency requires a capstone project in partnership with a teacher mentor. Please look at the document of requirements for more information.

Earning a diploma seal is open to any graduating high school senior. If you are not yet a senior, start compiling the evidence you will need to submit when you are a senior. Many seals require multiple years of involvement in various classes or activities. 

Please complete this diploma seals overview document to upload with seal application.

How do high school students apply?

View the Diploma Seals Overview Document which will guide you to the specific information you need for each specific seal. Read the specific seal documents carefully. If the application window is live, there will be an embedded Google Form link for you to submit your documentation for the seal. If it is outside of the submission window, there won’t be a link to apply.