Sheila Scanlan

Sheila Scanlan**

Advanced Placement/College Environmental Science
Earth Science

Room: 1225

AP/College Environmental Science is a college level dual enrollment class for college-bound juniors and seniors. College-bound, non-science majors can earn 4 credits in Environmental Biology from Chandler-Gilbert Community College that go toward meeting their college science prerequisite.  Students that take the AP option can earn college credit as well.  The class focuses on environmental literacy in a broad range of topics from climate change, endangered species, energy issues, food & agriculture, health, water & air pollution and so much more.  The most common student reaction is that this is an 'eye opening' class that changes the way they look at the world.  Students also tell me every student should take this class ;-)
Come join us on our journey to make the world a better place!

Earth Science is an introductory physical science class that helps students understand the Earth and how it works.  In the first semester, have a greater understanding of weather and climate, storms, the history of astronomy, the moon & planets, the birth of stars, the sun, planetary science and space exploration. During second semester, we study about rocks and minerals, earthquakes, plate tectonics, volcanoes, mountain building geologic time and earth's history.  This is a great class for any student to learn about the world around them.  Students remark that this class helps them to appreciate and understand what's going on every day in the world around them.

About Me
My 25 year career in science education has focused on expanding environmental literacy among the general public.  I am National Board Certified in Biology and have taught for Gilbert Public Schools for the past 16 years.  I'm the sponsor of the Go-Green Club and have been coordinating our HHS recycling program for 15 years.  I'm one of 400 AP Readers nationally that are invited to read (grade) the AP Environmental Science Exams each year in June for the past 8 years.  Along with teaching the dual enrollment class at HHS, I'm also an evening adjunct professor at Chandler-Gilbert Community College and have been teaching Biology for majors and non-majors there for the past 6 years.  I love teaching and am completely amazed at the beautiful world we live in.  I  am also privileged to have met so many wonderful students throughout the years.  I can honestly say it's still such a thrill to see that light bulb go on telling me I helped someone better understand this beautiful world in which we live. 

**btw- I met that grizzly bear up close and personal on a trip I made to Denali National Park in Alaska after having received a scholarship to study bears and wolves.  Wow!