Leigh-Anne Aller

L Aller

Honors/Regular Chemistry and Pre-AP/Honors Pre-AP Biology
Room: 1210



These regular and accelerated courses are designed to provide a CHALLENGING introduction to the chemical and biological sciences.  Highland High School’s Honors Lab programs encourage students to be lifelong learners and to place their knowledge of the sciences in a frame of reference that enables them to become informed, active, and productive participants in our society.

You can sign up for class reminders for Honors Courses by texting @hchemaller or @hbioaller to 81010.  For Regular Courses text @chemaller or @bioaller to 81010.  My Google Classrooms also have links to Google Drive folders that hold any materials we do in class.  I always upload a Weekly Course Outline to the Drive as well.

About Me

I have been teaching in the district since 2007, in both Chemistry and Biology.  I have a B.S. in Nutrition from ASU and an M.Ed. in Secondary Science Education from NAU.  When I am not teaching, I enjoy reading, hiking, and gardening with my husband and four kids aged 17-23.