*Instrument (in good working shape) 
- Violins/Violas need to have 4 fine tuners on their instrument
- Cello/Bass - need to have an instrument at home to practice with (they will have an instrument provided for them to use at school only)

*Muller Rusch - Book 4 (Navy blue colored) 

*Rosin – Please write your name on the box and the rosin

             [For all bass players – I require “Pop’s” Rosin]

*Shoulder Rest (for violins & violas)

            [I recommend a “KUN”, “Everest”, or “Resonan” - they are the most durable]

*Performance Mute (for violins & violas) - rubber mutes are the cheapest!

            [Do not get a practice mute - it will not work the same way]

*Permanent Luggage/ID tag (with name and phone number clearly written on the tag)

            [“HHS Orchestras” ID tags are available for $2.00]

*A small cloth for cleaning your instrument – everyone

*Pencil (ALWAYS)

*Music stand – for home practice

*Emergency extra strings (not required but highly suggested)

             [Violin and Viola players – I recommend “Dominant” strings – they are a higher quality string and will last longer than the less expensive strings]