David Sprague

Mr. Sprague

Mr. Sprague

AP® Statistics and Pre-Calculus
Room 1270



In AP Statistics, students develop strategies for collecting, organizing, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. Students design, administer, and tabulate results from surveys and experiments. Probability and simulations aid students in constructing models for chance phenomena. Sampling distributions provide the logical structure for confidence intervals and hypothesis tests. (3 dual enrollment credits as MAT206)

In Pre-Calculus students use analysis and interpretation of the behavior and nature of functions including polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, power, absolute value, and piecewise-defined functions; systems of equations, modeling and solving real world problems (MAT152 College Algebra). A study of measures of angles, properties of graphs of trigonometric functions, fundamental identities, addition and half-angle formulas, inverse trigonometric functions, solutions of trigonometric equations and properties of triangle solution (MAT182 Plane Trigonometry).  For dual enrollment students enroll in MAT152 for the fall semester and MAT182 for the spring semester.

About Me

Mr. Sprague is a retired Electrical Engineer. He worked for Intel Corporation for 23 years in various engineering and management positions. Mr. Sprague is a United states patent holder for patent number 5,828,825.

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