Robert Allen

Bob Allen


Department: English III

Courses: American Experience Block Class
GC105 Community Outreach Class
Room: 1280


Welcome Blockheads!  You are about to start a class that many former Blockheads have said was their favorite class at Highland!  There will be plenty of fun times (jokes, stories, group skits, etc..) and some serious times (debates, discussions, research, tests, presentations) to complete your understanding of the American Experience.  As your teachers, we will work diligently to help you have a successful experience, but how much you get from this course will depend on your level of active participation, team spirit, focus, enthusiasm, positive attitude and effort.  

Welcome GC105 Heroes! Congratulations on the decision to enroll in the Community Outreach Class at HHS. By the end of the semester, you will improve the world and yourself by showing that young people can make a difference. You will also have a variety of experiences that will help you develop an appreciation for those who dedicate their lives to philanthropy and empathy for people who need community support. We also hope you will become an advocate for those individuals and causes which need attention and which you feel passionate about. Our goal is that you will look back on this class and this semester and be grateful that you have made your school, community, and world a better place.

About Me

I've been teaching at Highland High School since 1996.  I love my job and I am blessed to teach wonderful students.  I was born and raised in Phoenix, attending Brophy College Preparatory for high school and then Northern Arizona University for college.  I have a bachelor degree in English and a masters degree in Educational Leadership, both from NAU.  I am married to my beautiful wife Michelle and we have 2 wonderful children.  I love to follow sports teams, especially ASU football and baseball, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Phoenix Suns.