Policies for Library Use
Highland High Library  
HHS Library Use Policy

Frequently Asked Questions
When is the library open?
Our official hours are 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.; however, we start closing procedures at 2:50 p.m. We are closed for certain classes, testing, meetings and special events. Closings are always posted on the library door. You can contact the library during open hours by calling 480.813.0051 ext. 4343.
When do I need my student ID card or a pass to come to the library?
To enter the library during class time you must have a pass from your teacher OR have the "Release Time" period on your ID card. You do not need a pass to come to the library before/after school and during your lunch. You must show your current year ID card when using the library during your lunch period.
 What am I expected to do when I come to the library?
*You are expected to be doing something productive (i.e. read, study, homework, research, check-out-a book, check Infinite Campus Grades, or use a computer/printer).
*You are expected to be doing it in a way that allows others to be productive.
 *You are expected to be respectful of the people, the place and the materials.
Appropriate Behavior:
Behavior that is disruptive to library use is not acceptable. If disruptive behavior occurs repeatedly, library staff reserve the right to ask you to leave and/or suspend your library privileges. Additional consequences are listed in the Library Management Plan
What do I do with my backpack or personal items when I come to the library?
Remove valuables from your backpack if you choose to leave it in the cubbies or on a table in the entry way. The library is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
What should I do with opened food and drink?
To protect the library and the resources, food or drink are not allowed in the library so please enjoy them before entering. Capped water bottles are allowed. Students with food or drink will be asked to throw them out and/or leave the library.

What do I need to check out library materials? You need your current year school picture ID card. No exceptions!

How long can I keep the materials I have checked out?
Normally, books go out for three weeks. Certain reference books can be checked out overnight.

What happens if I bring a book back late?
You will be assessed an overdue fine. You cannot check any other library books out until the overdue material is returned and the fine paid ($0.10 per school day).

What happens if I lose a book or bring it back damaged?

You will be required to pay the cost of replacing the damaged or lost material.
Can I use my cell phone in the library?  
When entering the library, please set phone to vibrate. Calls should be made in the library lobby. Other cell phone features can be used for educational purposes. 
What guidelines do I need to follow when I use the a computer or Internet in the library?
Computers are to be used for educational purposes. You are expected to follow the guidelines in the Gilbert Public Schools Electronic Information Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that you signed at the beginning of the school year.             
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