Peter Kotrodimos

Economics and AP Macroeconomics
Room:  1168

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Welcome to economics!

In economics we will study the economy, personal finance, and marketing.

AP Macroeconomics will be a thorough exploration of fiscal and monetary policy, trade policies and exchange rates. We will delve into each of these units by using economic analysis, i.e., graphing and simple mathematics.

About Me

Mr. Kotrodimos is an economics teacher at Highland High School. He has been teaching for Gilbert Public Schools since 2007. When Mr. K is not teaching you can find him traveling; playing guitar; playing with his two young children, Lena and Luca; or trying to concoct something delicious in the kitchen with his wife, Rebekka.

Mr. Kotrodimos loves teaching economics and helping students understand the benefits and costs of decision making. Economics is beneficial to understanding business, marketing and political strategies.

Mr. Kotrodimos' educational experiences span several specialties. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in Spanish from the University of Iowa (2000), a master's degree in secondary education curriculum from Northern Arizona University(2007) and an MBA from West Texas A&M University (2016). Mr. Kotrodimos' area of economic specialty lies in economic convergence and economic development in third-world countries.