Hideki Kunitada

Hideki Kunitada 國忠秀喜

Hideki Kunitada


Subject: Japanese I,II,III,IV
Room: 6B

Email link: hideki.kunitada@gilbertschools.net

Welcome!  日本語 クラスへ ようこそ。
Welcome to Japanese class!    2016-17

What do I learn in Japanese class? Why Japanese?     
Japan has a long history. Japan-US relationships started about 150 years ago. Both Japan and the United States have an important political alliance with each other.  Japan’s economy is the third largest in the world and is a global market. Japanese cutting edge technologies and unique culture are also getting popular all over the world. You might enjoy Japanese food, animation, movies, music, art, martial arts and so on. 

A.  Learning communication skills : 
You will learn the Japanese language and culture related to family, school life, daily activities, travel, shopping, eating out and so on.  Japanese language is very different from English. By practicing Japanese language you  will be able to improve your communication skills and English skills too. It is exciting and interesting!

B. Global viewpoints and business skills : By learning different language and culture, you will be able to widen your perspective as a cosmopolitan. It is crucial for you to have global perspectives not only language skills. It will give you flexible and wider understanding about outside the United States. Japanese language and culture is different from western languages and culture. It will be beneficial as unique business skills when you do job hunting in your future.

Required credits and Dual Enrollment program :  As for Modern Language, you are required at least two years of same language when you apply credits for college or university. Dual Enrollment (Dual Credit) Program is available in Japanese 3 level and 4 for you to get 5 college credits each (Japanese 101 & 102, JPN 201 & 202 after completion of 101 & 102) at Community College level while you take high school class.

Extra Credits:  Students need to make up their work regular basis. A half points will be given for your test correction. Participation points will be given when you participate or work as a  volunteer at Japanese cultural events and competitions such as Japanese Speech Contest, ASU language Fair    
Japan Tour 2017 (Optional): Explore Japan with friends and family during summer break. It is a guided tour wi
th teachers and a tour guide. Please contact me for details.       

About me

Who is Mr. Kunitada (Kunitada sensei)?      I was born and raised in Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture, western Japan. My family name Kunitada 國忠 means ‘nation’ and ‘loyalty’. My first name Hideki秀喜 means ‘excellent’ and ‘rejoice’.  Please call me “ Kunitada sensei.” I have lived in Arizona for almost 14 years. This is my twelfth  year to teach at Gilbert District. I teach at Highland HS in the morning and at Paradise Community College or Thunderbird School of Global Management at ASU in the afternoon. I am a member of  Arizona Association of Teachers of Japanese which is a local affiliate of American Association of Teachers of Japanese.                     I have traveled  to several countries. I crossed the Sahara Desert (Algeria, Republic of Mali and Niger in northwest Africa) by motorcycle. Other countries are France, Russia, Kazakhstan, and South Korea. I like hiking, mountain biking, trail riding on a dirt bike. I have been practicing Karate-Do. I have second degree black belt of Japan Karate Association.

Contact information :  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact me by E-mail or phone. E-mail is better. I also welcome appointments to meet in person. You can contact me at

Highland HS  480-813-0051 Room Portable 6B  ext. 4408         E-mail: hideki.kunitada@gilbertschools.net                      Hideki Kunitada  國忠 秀喜                                  Japanese teacher /The Japan Club sponsor.                 Highland High School                                                Adjunct faculty at Chandler Gilbert Community Colleges for Dual Credit program               Member of Arizona Association of Teachers of Japanese and American Association of Teachers of Japanese               


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